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Tch. Andrés Gómez Guzmán


Singing (lyrical and popular) - Piano (Classical and Popular)


He started his musical studies at 4 years old, starting his classical piano studies until he was 22 years old with Tch. Serafín Zapata Junnior, continuing his vocal and instrumental process (classical piano) at the Diocesan Superior School of Sacred Music in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (2002 - 2003). He has led the musical chair with renowned teachers both in music pedagogy, as well as in the specialty of lyrical singing and classical piano; The Superior School of Music Costa Rica, from its foundation to the present day, is the only institution in the country with international agreements with schools of high standards, which allows the Master. Gómez Guzmán let his students experience music outside the classroom in the reality that music demands.


With postgraduate studies in Mexico and Italy (Arrigo Boito Conservatory in Parma), he has led musical chairs, being a student with renowned international artists such as Tch. Domingo Lobato, Tch. Víctor Manuel Amaral, Tch. Íride Martínez Conde (acclaimed worldwide for being the only Costa Rican lyrical soprano on the best stages), Tch. Montserrat Caballé (where he debuted and held the International Lyrical Singing Contest in 2012) and the baritone Tch. Romano Franceschetto, with whom he had the opportunity to carry out postgraduate studies in lyrical singing, among others. As a Baritone, he has performed roles in operas such as "La Cambiale di Matrimonio, Barbero de Sevilla, Carmen, Tosca, Ariadne auf Naxos, Nabucco, Die Zauberflöte, Don Giovanni, among others", he has toured Spain, Italy, England, Switzerland , Germany, United States, Mexico, Panama.


As ESMCR's general director, his main goal is that the students of the institution achieve on a large scale with "freedom, study and passion" the musical discipline, he continues implementing methodological and pedagogical investigations, in addition to virtuosic techniques, which are incorporated in the administration of the school under his charge. He is currently active as a musician outside of Costa Rica, which also allows all of his students to obtain direct and indirect benefits with producers, teachers and schools of great prestige worldwide recognized. In April 2020, he will be a guest speaker at the Latin American Congress of Music Schools in the Dominican Republic (CLAEM XI)

Licdo. J. Ismael Mendoza Serrano

Specialist in Harmony, Counterpoint and Harmonic Analysis

Tch.  Ismael

Mexican Musician (Guadalajara, Jal.) Began his studies at the Sacred Music School of Ocotlán; under the tutelage of Mtro. WILFRIDO IÑIGUEZ. He graduated and graduated from the Higher Diocesan School of Sacred Music of Guadalajara, where he studied Harmony, Counterpoint and Composition with the Mtros. JESUS ​​GARCIA VIRGEN and DOMINGO LOBATO, among others. I study Composition at the University of Guadalajara under the tutelage of Mtro. MANUEL CERDA. His compositional work is varied, for solo instrument music (Piano, Violin, etc.), chamber music (Duets, String Quartets, etc.) as well as Choral and Orchestral music. Said Works have been performed in various countries such as: Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico. Be performed as Arranger of different artists, bands, groups and orchestras such as: Duet XALCUL (Cello and Piano), Municipal Choir of Zapopan (Mexico), Symphonic Band of the City Council of Tonala (Mexico) Orquesta Municipal de Santa Barbara (Heredia, Costa Rica), Independent Orchestra of the ESMCR (Costa Rica), Orquesta Danubio Azul (Guadalajara, Mex.), Orchestra and Choir of CREM (Ajijic, Jal.), Orchestra and Choir Esperanza Azteca de Puebla (Mexico), among other groups . He is Director / Founder of MAYERS MUSIC PRODUCTION, a musical company where he has worked as a producer and musical director for emerging artists such as: DANN BARBIER, PERI SALGADO, JASSYBE, FERNANDO JOSE, JUNIOR RAMIREZ, XIA, FERNANDO DE LINA, CESAR TAFOYA, ALBA , JUAN PABLO PALAFOX, CECILIA LEDESMA, among others.

Tch. Gabriel Morera Córdoba

Composition and Classic Piano

Tch.  Gabriel

He began his musical studies at the Mercedes Norte Municipal School of Music with Alisa Gorodensky. In 2008, he entered UNA, where he studied music and piano teaching with Rosa Quesada, Gerardo Meza, Ludmila Melzer and Alexandr Sklioutovski. In 2011, he entered the UCR where he studied composition with Professor MM Carlos Castro, and direction with Professor Dr. Alejandro Gutiérrez. In 2013 he was recognized by the University of Costa Rica as "first average" in composition and directing careers.

He has also participated in musical projects coordinated by the maestro MM Leonardo Gell; the “Reading of Costa Rican works” carried out in 2014 by the National Symphony Orchestra. In 2017 he graduated with honors from the Bachelor of Music program with an emphasis in composition and in 2018 from the Bachelor of Music career with an emphasis in direction, at the University of Costa Rica. His music has been selected twice in the international piano competition / festival "The Music of the Century", in its 2016 and 2018 editions. In 2019, his work "Venus" was winner of the national contest "young composers" and performed by the national symphony orchestra.


Tch. Roberto Antillón Freer

Guitar Specialist (Acoustic, Electric and Classical)

Tch.  Roberto Antillón Freer

Graduate (Postgraduate level) in Sciences in Music Education, with an emphasis in Music Teaching, from the Free University of Costa Rica. He began his studies at the University of Costa Rica, in the areas of classical guitar with Maestro Mario Solera, and composition with Maestro Bernal Flores. After that, in Spain, he studied at the Tomás Luis de Victoria Conservatory in Madrid and with maestro Giovanni Rodríguez.


Currently, in addition to the electric and acoustic guitar, and also the Renaissance lute, Roberto has dedicated himself to the interpretation of Jazz music on guitar. Initially, as a student of the Brazilian guitarist Bruno Wagner, and later, with the American guitarists Ralph Pritikin, Lindsay Blair, Jeff Caldwell, Tom Dempsey and Rodney Jones. Mr. Antillón also studied jazz music at Florida International University, as well as National Guitar. Workshop in Los Angeles in 2010, at the Santa Catarina International Music Festival in Brazil in 2011 and the Julliard Jazz Camp held in Utah at Snow College in 2011. At the same time, he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering from the International University of the Americas. Roberto has performed many times in the most important national concert halls: National Theater, Melico Salazar Theater, National Auditorium and Eugene O ́neil concert hall, with Costa Rican groups, such as the Big Band of Costa Rica, Sasha Campbell and also accompanists from international musicians such as: Maggie Carles and Oscar Stagnaro. In 1998 he was part of the International Orchestra of the OTI Song Festival, held in Costa Rica in 1998.


Mr. Antillón currently teaches guitar and Jazz music privately, as well as at the University of Costa Rica, being the creator and teacher of the Jazz Guitar course in the program: "Open Music Program", as well as at Casa of Culture of Ciudad Colón, and have also taught in different musical programs of the Ministries of Culture and Education such as: Santa Ana (Municipal School of Integrated Arts), Desamparados Municipal Music Schools, and Santa Bárbara de Heredia, from 2003 to 2013. He is currently a member of the groups: Salaberry Tango Quartet and Dúo A Grosso modo.

Tch. Andrés Mateus Anzola

Drums Specialist

Tch.  Andrés

Dozens of concerts in various stages of Colombia, the United States and Costa Rica, and various collaborations with artists from son, salsa, Latin jazz, hip-hop, Colombian music, rock and fusion, frame the life and artistic career of the young Colombian musician Andrés Orlando Mateus Anzola; His training as a Bachelor of Music Training with an Emphasis on the Execution of Latin Percussion from the El Bosque University of Colombia, his creativity and the excellence present in each of his projects and participations, have made him stand out in his work as a performer, pedagogue , ensemble director and researcher of Latin American music.

During his career he has shared on stage and in the studio with groups such as the Latin Grammy nominees Los Petit Fellas, Distrito Pacífico, The Woods Ensemble - Aguajé, La Kumba Sónica, Mr. Guatak, Big Band UnBosque, Banda Fiestera UnBosque and Grupo La Nuit, an ensemble that he directed for more than 4 years; in turn, he has been a speaker, special guest and performing instrumentalist at renowned festivals such as the XXV Jazz Fest at the University of Louisville in the United States, the II Berklee Latino Program in Colombia, the XLIV National Contest of Musical Bands of Colombia, and the 1st Mesoamerican and Caribbean Regional Meeting of FLADEM held in Costa Rica.

Mtra. Dulce Santos Azurdia

Especialista en Canto y Dirección Coral

Tch.  Paulina

Born in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Paulina began her musical studies at the early age of 4, with piano lessons. Upon finishing his Baccalaureate studies, he chose to study the Bachelor of Engineering and Production and Audio in Contemporary Popular Music, at the Fermatta Music Academy, having as teachers Luis Zepeda, Juan Carlos Paz y Puente, Mario Santos, Hugo Warholtz, Eliud Hernández , ClauS Mayer and saxophonist Nathalie Braux.
When he finished studying his degree, he went to live in Los Angeles, meeting and living in the musical area with great producers and human beings of the stature of Humberto Gatica among others.

Today he is working and putting all his knowledge in favor of people eager to create their dreams and studying his master's degree in Music business.

Tch. Alejandro Gómez Hurtado

Trumpet Specialist

Tch.  Alejandro Gómez Hurtado

At just 17 years old, he will obtain the diploma of superior trumpet teacher. Subsequently, he completed postgraduate studies at the Hochschule für Musik "Hans Eisler" in Berlin. He has been a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Spain (JONDE), the Gustav Mahler Jugend Orchester (records for EMI and Deutsche Gramophon) or the Lucerne Festival Academy. He has worked under the most prestigious batons of our time: Abbado, Boulez, Nagano, Rattle, Welzer-Möst, Thilemann, Rostropovich, López-Cobos,...

To date, two concerts have been composed inspired by his trumpet skills: “Cádiz 2012” (Timo-Kyllonen) commissioned by the Bicentennial Commission of the Cortes de Cádiz and “LORCA” (José Luís López-Mingo Ballesteros).

He is frequently requested to teach courses and masterclasses not only in Spain but also in other countries such as: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Germany, France, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Azerbaijan... He is a specialist in natural trumpet and key trumpet.

As a researcher, he already has four officially registered publications (ISNN) to his credit.

Parallel to his musical life, he develops a strong socio-cultural work, being a founding member of the NGO Institución Masonica Hospitalaria, of which he is its President. He is currently a trumpet player with the Municipal Band of Jaén, soloist with the Málaga Symphony Orchestra and FIDES artist.

Tch. Freddy Mora Quiros

Specialist in Clarinet and Musical Theory


He began his musical studies on clarinet at the Casa de la Cultura in Ciudad Colón in 2011, an institution where he had the opportunity to participate in the Wind Ensemble and Advanced Orchestra, in 2012 he joined the San José Municipal Band. where he served as principal clarinetist and with which he participated in the II Guatemalan International Band Championship (2015), where the Band won first place in the concert category.

In 2014, he entered the basic stage program of the University of Costa Rica in the specialty of Clarinet under the tutelage of Dr. Yamileth Pérez Mora, an institution where he completed his baccalaureate and undergraduate degree between the years 2016 - 2021. In the In 2021 he traveled to the United States to continue his master's studies in clarinet performance at The University of Southern Mississippi, which he concluded in 2023 under the tutelage of Dr. Jacqueline McIlwain.

As the winner of the 2022-2023 WPB Concert Competition at the University of Southern Mississippi, he had the opportunity to perform as a soloist with the Wind Ensemble of The University of Southern Mississippi the work “Black Dog, Rhapsody for Clarinet” by the American composer Scott McAllister, and as a member and founding member of the “Solstice” reed quintet in 2022 won first prize in the chamber music division of the Mississippi Music Teachers Association collegiate competition.

Freddy has received master classes with important clarinetists such as Dr. Julie Detweiler (Florida State University), Bettina Aust (Principal Clarinet of the Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra), Kathya Galleguillos (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso), Antonio Saiote (Clarinetist and director of the Porto Academy Orchestra), Juan Ferrer (First clarinet of the Galician Symphony Orchestra), Philippe Cupper (Principal clarinet of the National Orchestra of the Paris Opera), Stephanie Zelnick (Kansas University), Fernando Domínguez (Autonomous University of Mexico), Akropolis Reed Quintet (professional chamber music group), among others.

Mtro. Mackdiel Barrios Molina

Especialista en Producción Musical y Bajo Eléctrico


Mack Barrios, un talentoso músico y educador costarricense, comenzó su viaje musical en la Universidad de Costa Rica, enfocándose en el contrabajo antes de avanzar a la Universidad Nacional para concluir sus estudios de Licenciatura en Música con énfasis en Educación Musical, destacándose como Estudiante Insignia por sus contribuciones al Departamento UNA Producción Musical y otros departamentos.


Como educador, participó en 4 Seminarios Latinoamericanos de Educación Musical en países como Costa Rica, México, Perú y Colombia, adquiriendo conocimientos de renombrados maestros latinoamericanos, especialmente bajo la tutela de Violeta Hemsy de Gainza en 'Pedagogías Abiertas'. Además, ha asistido a diversas clases maestras y seminarios nacionales e internacionales.


En el ámbito musical, se ha destacado como bajista de bajo eléctrico en la escena popular, participando en giras internacionales, ofreciendo clases magistrales para la Universidad de Costa Rica y colaborando en diversos géneros musicales, desde el pop e indie hasta el funk y la salsa. Ha recibido clases magistrales de músicos reconocidos mundialmente como Mike Stern, Tom Kennedy, Igor Saavedra, entre otros.


Su incursión como productor musical inició con el reconocido músico Dr. Carlomagno Araya Morera, colaborando en el disco 'Almas en Vuelo', trabajando con artistas como Humberto Vargas, Bernal Villegas y María Pretiz. Mack ha sido asistente de producción musical y luego ingeniero de grabación, mezcla y masterización en más de 50 proyectos, algunos premiados a nivel nacional.


En la actualidad, Mack continúa su formación, cursando una Maestría Internacional en Docencia Universitaria en dos universidades, la Universidad Europea del Atlántico (ES) y la Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana (MX), como parte de su desarrollo como educador en la educación superior.

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